Sprouts BMW 120d M-Sport

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Heres some pics of my BMW 120d M-Sport ..... attached


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Re: New member in North East UK

cheers......wants to be nice for price tag.

My Auntie says wheels look like flowers !!! No taste !

I Scratched one t'other day - not pleased at all.
After xmas i'm thinking about getting them fully re-furbed. Backs are covered in chips.

Getting re-map back on next week........can't wait.
Re: New member in North East UK

no other probs other than the current intermittent one thats cost me £400 to find.

Car drives very well and rear wheel drive is much fun - but can be scary in wet.

Car does turn heads when it's clean - which isn't for long at the minute.
TBH it's no more expensive to run than a VW or Audi.
just carried out a brake upgrade

292 x 22 up to 330 x 24 on front


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330mm is biggest i can have with std rims.
brakes are from 130i

was thinking of going the grooved / drilled route in std size but these beauties came along
does that use the same calipers with different carriers or differnet calipers as well

callipers were different. They use a bigger pad. So I had to get everything. The later cars (177bhp version) have same calliper and just different carriers and 300 x 24 brakes instead of 292 x 22 ??

Problem is BMW have not rationalised their part numbers. There are a lot a model specific numbers even if part is used on another model.

I had this bother with brake pad wear sensor. RealOEM said it was different...but it wasn't.
dunno everythings supposed to be the same price.
ive not long aqquired a copy of ETKA (full parts catalouge that they use in shop) supprisingly enough theres no prices there its reuires another file
I have heard of similar parts costing less from the different Marques. They even come in a VAG box with all the other brands on them. I do wonder if the only difference between them is the item code and the price.

Why does an A3 waterpump last 140,000 and a VW one need changing at 80,000? (If anyone has got a VW 1.8T handbook i'd be interested to see what the cambelt change time is.)
will check tomorrow but iirc its 60k but since been lowered to 40k (not in the handbook) all vag parts come in the box stamped with all 4 logos and the part numbers uite often match up
If it's engine and chassis they all same - such as 1JO------ or 1K0 -------

Body and trim start with Vehicle code 8P1 ------ or 8L1 -------

www.vagcat.com is quite useful if not got ETKA

gives you an idea of prices in Euros but translates 1 for 1 more or less.
Cheers, handy to know. Still different to the Audi handbook although a lot closer than I thought.

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