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I've just installed a full ss line on my Volvo 850t5. I've done a de-cat and replaced it with a silencer.
She's up for the test and I know you need a cat to pass, but my problem is that the space were the cat was before is now got a silencer box.
Im wondering if its a problem if I put a cat on some were down the line or does it have to be right at the down pipe?

I've space on back a bit, but I dont want to install it if its not going be any good back there. Any suggestions???:blink:
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I think the catalytic converter needs to closer to the engine as it needs to reach a certain temperature before it starts working efficiently.

Have you considered a high flow sports cat instead? then you'll extra performance advantages with out the extra noise of a de-cat.
i was considering one but when i looked into purchasing one it ended up being almost half the price of the car. But as you've pointed out its illegal not to have one so if needs must...

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