Spluttering through the gears


King's Langley
Ford mondeo 2014
Ford mondeo 2014 2.0 tdci powershift (auto) splutters through the gears as you speed up what could cause this once warmed up gets slightly better.
One of the first things to check would be the transmission fluid. Insufficient or contaminated fluid can cause the transmission to behave erratically. Since it's a Powershift transmission, which is essentially a dual-clutch system, it's crucial that the fluid is at the right level and in good condition. Changing or topping up the fluid might resolve the issue.

Transmission Control Module (TCM)​

The TCM may need a software update or recalibration. In some cases, issues with the TCM can cause poor shifting performance. It's a common area to check with Powershift transmissions, which are known to have some quirks, especially in earlier models.

Fuel System Issues​

Since the problem improves slightly once the engine is warm, it might also be related to the fuel system. Issues such as clogged fuel injectors, a dirty fuel filter, or problems with the fuel pump can cause spluttering as they affect the engine's ability to maintain a steady flow of fuel.

Air Intake System​

Another area to inspect is the air intake system, including the air filter and Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. A dirty air filter or a faulty MAF sensor can lead to poor engine performance, especially under load as you accelerate.

Engine Management System​

It’s also possible that there could be an issue with the engine’s sensors or the Engine Control Unit (ECU) itself. Problems with sensors like the throttle position sensor or crankshaft position sensor can lead to poor performance and spluttering issues. A diagnostic scan would help identify any error codes that could point to the specific issue.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve​

The EGR system, particularly in diesel engines like yours, can cause performance issues if the EGR valve is stuck open or clogged with soot. This would also be more noticeable when the engine is cold and might improve slightly as it warms up due to changes in viscosity and flow dynamics.
Very good comprehensive answer obi_waynne, but best using Forscan to scan the car as it will direct u in the area/s the problem is in..... although i just realized this thread was started 13mths ago so O.P has probably sorted this issue out but never replied to say what the fault was.

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