speedo keeps dropping


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ford focus
as the topic says speedo keeps dropping to zero for a while then reapears to where it should be.
can anyone help as i have no clue bout this.
Found this for you, I hope it helps!

This will be down to the vehicle speed sensor failing. This sensor is located on the gear box just above where the drivers side drive shaft comes out of the gear box. The signal is used by the engine management for running calculations which is why you have the running concern when the speedo goes off, the signal is also sent from the engine management to the instrument cluster for the speedo and the mileage.
You can confirm the fault by carrying out an instrument cluster self test.
To enter the instrument cluster self-diagnostic mode simultaneously depress and hold the trip meter reset button then turn the ignition switch to position II or III. Release the trip meter reset button when TEST is displayed on the LCD. This will take between 5 and 8 seconds.
The instrument cluster will enter the gauge sweep test.

To navigate to the following tests while in self-diagnostic mode depress the RESET button to move to the next test.
The self-test is deactivated when the ignition is turned to the OFF position.
On the 6th test in the display DTC should flash followed by numbers, if D014 or D123 then the speed sensor signal has been missing. The 7th test shows the speed in MPH so you can drive the car, when the fault occurs if the speed is still shown where the mileage normally is then the speedo is at fault which means a new instrument cluster.
To replace the speed sensor you need access under the car, remove the roll pin, disconnect the 3 pin wiring connector, the sensor will then pull out of the gear box. It can be really tight to remove. A new sensor is around £35 for the part and around an hour labour for a garage to do the repair. New clusters are available for around £90.

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