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Nissan juke
I have a nissan juke turbo and i have put on lots of bolt on parts and have a tune on it now to wanted to know if i should be running a different plug , or is stock fine
What do you mean by bolt on parts?

The person who put on the tune should have matched the plugs to the tune otherwise the tune will not work properly. However, most tunes (or remaps) on stock or mildly modified cars will be happy with the stock plugs.

If he didn't change them either:

They didn't need changing so you are OK.


They do need changing and I suggest you also change your tuner at the same time!
From what I remember a few add on's and a remap will be fine with standard plugs as long as the gapping is correct!
On my Leon the gapping is stretched slightly iirc (it's been a while!)
But as Rad says check with your tuner to see if they have specific spark plug gaps for there tune;)
As said before it depends on what you have done.
if all has been done by a reccommended tuner they should have sorted everything

But you post sounds to me like you might have bolted some parts on and "have a tune on it now " suggets a purchased performance map.
If thats right speak to whoever did the tune because if you have upped the boost a lot you could need to change the grade of plug - more boost = more heat , much more boost ..etc.
Ok so this is whats on my car
i put on a sri, removed the 2nd cat yes it has two, new exhaust 2 1/4 by dough thorley, a lighter fly wheel. i have a bigger intercooler, a after market diverter valve by synapse, i have a tune by visconti tune stg 1 right now, i have efi logic making me a primary cat delete, to put the stg 2 tune on, then after all that what to take it to a dyno. not with that all said and done, really it just my daily driver, maybe take it to a track and see what it really has, and boost for stock is 12 psi and 150 whp and stg 1 15 psi and 180 whp and stg2 18 psi and 220 whp

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