Some pics of ASC Audios RX7


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im alex recently got quizzed by one of the guys at modded said i join up well hello every one
i run my own electronic s business doing car audio fitting and selling heres my beasty
sure that pic is when it was freshly imported from garage feeds japan ( same guys who did tokyo drift) well ive changed quiet alot since then the main mod had been the v mount intercooler .
many people go for a front mount but i wanted to be different and try the v .big but the kit is 2900 pounds plus import and there for very exspensive so i shopped around and found a guy selling a flat intercooler and proceded to stip the car my self moved the radiator brackets turned it upside down and swopped it back to front red worked all the water piping and intake and it works a treat oh and i jig sawed my 1000 pound bonnet so the hot air is lifted as cold brought in .my friend helping nearly passed out couldnt belive i was so brutal but never mind you only live once heres some pics
standard as i bought it

after ive touched it


Thanks for the info. I bet you were a bit nervous cutting into the bonnet like that? Looking at the engine when you got it I see how much you have had to change to get the intercooler in place - well done I really take my hat off to you.

Did you know that a competition RX7 exhaust grows 1 inch in length due the heat at the end of a race? I guess the engine run hotter - they certainly seem efficient units if you look after them.

Do you go on trackdays much?
yes love track day s recently at trax silverstone had a few laps came out in the middle of the second bunch and ended up after only four laps second in the first bunch .some twat crashed and the track time was abandoned .it s a well weighted car lovely to drift sliding into corners on braking and drifting out i have vids will try to get them on you tube



Car looks really good though.

Bigger pics will be posted up soon - Just ploughing through 1000 photos and the first 200 have taken me most of the day so far!
Re: hello newbie

hey guys long time no post.
been doing loads business going well get ya self a bargin and some photos of some of our work
cars changing a bit after i had a yank on a bike try re-arranging the front of the rex for me so after some thought decided this root cars having a full creations carbon kit and the rest is going mazdas 2 new green
quick photoshop for ya
how it is now

rx8 lights

new rear diffuser for down force

drfiting taking its toll so went for an opti line

and with the crash this is how it will hopefully turn out without the ****y doors


keep em peeled
Re: ASC audios Mazda RX7

havent been on in ages guys been a while any ways scince last time i was here few things have changed

the rex has been worked on some little gob #!#!#!#! round my way keyed the car 5 times in a row every night .so the paint was #!#!#!#!ed ......
really annoyed was due to be featured ...soooooooo

been messing about re done the whole car . top to tow
new this and that single turbo conversion and loads of carbon bits including a saniai works diffusers feed pannels and carbon skirts bonnet and such like full strip and respray on the way be appearing soon keep em peeled

little taster


new car







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