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Bora 1.8T Sport
I've recently opted out of Co.Car (A3 Sportback Sport) :sad2: and have bought a 53 plate Bora 1.8T Sport. Well specced and really pleased with everything except when it comes to going round corners! Suspension for 'Sport' model is very soft compared to my 2006 Audi.
Any tips on how to improve handling without slamming the car into the ground? Looking for 25mm lower ride height but much stiffer cornering? More in line with my 'old' Audi.

Any ideas very welcome.:)
A set of bilsteins (always go with adjustable ones) will certainly help. It is also worth looking at Koni or supersport.

I would personally go with a 30-35mm drop. The chances are your current suspension has already sagged by 10mm anyway.

A rear anti roll bar could also help.

What wheels and tyre size are you using and are your tyre pressure correct? This can make a big difference. It is also worth getting an aligment done and setting the toe/camber correctly.
Thanks for the replies... I'm running a standard car on 205 55 16's.
Recently VW serviced and given a clean bill on the ride front... tyres running on correct pressures.
It wallows like a whale though...
What's surprised me is the suggestion to change the shocks and not the springs...It's been a few years since I played about with my cars, so need a bit more help with why I shouldn't bother with the springs? (That said not wanting to spend weeks in the chiropractors!)
BTW What are coil overs??

By the way Waynne, I've reduced my Carbon Footprint completely.....I've decided to drive everywhere!!:amuse:
coilovers are a complete unit spring and dampner. they can also be adjusted to suit hight

cheaper drop kits are just the springs not the dampners themselves (springs are the shock absorbers) more expensive ones are dampners and springs as seperate units. then theres coilovers

i cant drop any because of the speed bumps at work. already catching the mudflaps. so looking at the ARB in the rear. plenty of folk have came back with its made a huge difference with a couple running standard suspension.
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