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Hi all,

I have recently read about these kits, basicly they have pins and a key so you can easily remove your steering wheel. Has anyone had any experience with them and know if they are any good?

Also, on there website it tells you that it is a security device, but does anyone know if an insurer would take it into consideration and lower your premium if you use one?


not exactly sure but it sounds like the quick release on steering wheels for race cars , if so they work well , go between the boss and wheel . they have splines ( nale and female ) with a notch cut at right angles to the axis of the steering coloum . push this button downward and pull , the wheel comes away . ( the button only allows the locking pin to clear the notch , otherwise the splines do the torque transfer and the button is only a locking device . really only needed if you have a limited amount of room to get in and out of your car ( roll cage and side bars )
An insurer would probably decide to increase the premium citing.

1) No air bag with aftermarket wheels resulting in more injury to the driver.
2) Non standard part, different size would alter the steering ratio and could fail or break if not made to the right standards.
3) The central hub would be a hard edge instead of the soft rubber and will cause injuries to the driver in an accident.

Sad but true, they always look on the gloomy side, plus if the car was stolen and you had forgotten to remove the wheel (why would you want to carry a wheel around when you are shopping) will they still pay up if they have given a discount?

If you want to do it for your own peace of mind, or because it looks cool then go for it, but you still need to notify your insurers. If your motivation for doing it is to get a discount then I wouldn't bother. Get an approved alarm/immobiliser instead.:D

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