Small cars with motorbike engines


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Seen some little boxes running on 150 to 250 hp on 600kg weight max.
it is usually cars of type fiat 500/650/750, 126, cinquecento, seicento, that have motorbike engines from 600cc to 1300cc. sound is amazing, and they go fast.

So talking financially, the car costs 150 - 200 euros, but the motorbike engine is pain in the ass, might cost over 500 euros, and hard to find, and also parts are rare. I was thinking this engine to have a sport air filter and a smaller turbo, Interior removed, but with some extra construction for body reinforcement, it wont lose weight, which sucks.

So guys what do you think, worth it, ot not to go for a project like this?
There is a Hillman Imp and a Ford Anglia at some events with a Hyabusa engine and they are
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Yea, that is a sweet combo, cars might have some 400kg more than bikes, which makes me wonder how does the engine push that weight, maybe more rpm?

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