slightly larger turbo on aeb b5 a4


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Wanted to put a larger turbo on to the car but have been told difficult(code word for expensive) because aeb engine has no map sensor and would have to swap ecu plus other things.Is there a simple way round? i have 179hp with a remap and would like to have 210hp with a k03s-073 or a k04-15 after searching the net i am confused.Maybe i should stay where i am with the car.Seems that the maf would just not send the right signals with all that air flow.Maybe i will ask the guys who mapped the car they said i will not get any more because it only has a small turbo k03-005.
Can someone please explain:sad2: there has to be an answer.
NEW ecu and fitting a map sensor into the intercooler.
plenty have fitted the k03s to the transverse engine but not sure on the longitudinal engines without too much issues you jsut need a decent mapper

k04 conversion is alot of work - intake pip, maf, injectors, turbo, charge pipe, intercoolers, exhaust manifold, downpipe
Thankyou for you response gives me something to think about,any bhp figure on otherwise standard car? i will need another remap, 1 bar chip at the moment .
Wayne, i will be getting a dv from forge ms, 710n is on its way to the recycling plant thanks
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