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great yarmouth
hi could i take a turbo from a 1.8vrs turbo and put it on my 2.0litre engine or would the turbo be usless as bigger engine plz reply if u no. not much info out thanks
You could do this in theory but the amount of other alterations to make a worthwhile and drivable job of it would be quite costly.

Turbocharged engines differ quite substantially from naturally aspirated ones in many ways other than the inclusion of a turbocharger.

It would be cheaper to find a whole 1.8T engine and fit that in place of the 2.0 one.
VRS engine is the AUQ version. will cost you around less than £2k if you spend time looking for one thats for engine, gearbox, ecu and loom. an afternoon to fit it and beer tokens for someone to code the ECU to the Keys

Edit meant to say if your wanting to turbo the 2.0 the 1.8t is a pretty poor kkk turbo on it and is strainng around 240bhp
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