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Hi there, long time since last post on here :)

My skoda has been on hold for the past months but I still have it and it runs a little poorly (something wrong in the engine, not working like it is supposed to, mechanic found out it was the exhaust censor but nothing changed so I am going to get it analyzed at the dealership)

[End Rant]

Now I am looking to buy a lowering kit from this fine website you have here and I was wandering if you could maybe help me out a little bit.

I live in Iceland (yeah I know you hate us and all that but put that aside for the moment) :embarrest: so I cant have it extremely low and will probably put the original suspencion in the car over the winter since I don't have another car and not looking ATM (yes I sold the truck ;) )

I want it to be something like this here in this picture


The body will be mostly like this but still not 100% alike.

So back to my question...

how low do you think this is ? 35mm ? 45mm? 60mm?

I dont want to buy a lowering kit and have it way too low or way to high :)

Best Regards
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Looks to be at least 60mm depending on the wheels may even be as low as 80mm

have a look for coilovers as they will allow you to set the hight then adjust come winter time
thanks for the reply

maybe you know this since you ar "super Moderator"

Is everything included when buying a coilover system from the shop on this site ?

Welcome back Ingo, not sure why you thought we hate Iclanders but I can assure you we don't! :bigsmile:
Has the recent eruption affected you at all?

With regards to the coilovers from the shop, I'd recomend filling out the contact form here. They will be able to tell you in detail what the kit your interested in contains. :D
thank you, but well the whole IceSave thingy does make us think you hate us, and many of my friends have cancelled trips to the UK out of fear of beeing attacked :lol: I put this in there as a kind of joke ;)

but no the eruption has not affected me directly but it did affect my work, I work driving laundry to 2 of 3 hotels in this area and my trips on monday had to be cancelled. I am going there tomorrow and hopefully the weather will be better so I can see something. It was quite lucky that the Icelandic safety commity had a meeting about the volcano "Katla" and the possible fleeing of the area early last week so the people were alarmed and did know what to do (This eruption is in between Myrdalsglacier and Eyjafjallaglacier and is quite small, Katla is in Myrdalsglacier and if this one triggers Katla then all hell will break loose as the glacier will begin to melt and a flood will go into the ocean leaving nothing but sand left (people have 15-30 minutes from the beginning of the eruption in Katla to get out of there), all houses could go with the flow, it would be a true Disaster and many people could die in the floods, (I live and work in a safe zone, but I am a part of the rescue squad and would be called out to work on the area trying to safe as many as possible)). People took the news really well and went to the rescue center in "Hvolsvollur" but returned home on Monday and Today.

News tonight, some amazing video footage (1:38), Just ignore the icelandic language :lol:
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Ahh... the bank thing? No-ones going to hold that against you! Besides it's election time here and the press is now busy bashing politicians! :D
Thanks for the link, the footage was impressive.
what bank thing ? that was last year we hate everyone now lol

you should get 4 tubes and 4 spring but you will need new top mounts and bearing from skoda
The mods were put on hold while I was building my house and is now set to start in mid september with loads of rust repairs and a complete wetsand to get rid of overspray and orange peel, Only thing I'll do to the car mod wise are new wheels and lowering springs, a mate of mine can get them for me cheap so that's the way I'll go :)

I plan on having it ready in mid may beginning of june :)
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