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Skoda Favorit 1.3
Hi all!

I am currently running a 1992 skoda favorit. was thinking when i next get a bit of money fiddleing with the air intake (moveing the intake so it isnt behind the headlight with little air geting to it and changeing to a kn filter) and adding a new exhaust.

any advice before i start looking up parts? and is it worth it?

the old man says will i have to play with the engine to be able to take the extra air into the chamber but we dont know is this only true with large turbos.

any advice would be helpfull. also was thinking of geting it resprayed as it is currently a blogy much would i be looking for and what colour would look good?

thesmall amount of air that you will ge by swapping to an uprated filter wont be that much, so no changing anything on the engine.
id advse to go with a panel filter and cold air ducting to the airbox rather than a K& N filter, as this will give you a spread of power over the whole ev range rather than just top end like most induction kits give. In some smaller engines, sub 1.8-2.0, you may find that you lose lower down power. unless your using the higher revs all the time your not going to see much of a benifit.

youll need to pull the engine if your after a decent gain on a NASP engine even then you could spenfd thousands for only 30bhp gain.

you can pick up VAG 1.8T engines for around £1500-2000 in good condtion.
youd proberlt need to custom make the mounts and driveshafts but your looking at around 150-225 bhp depending on what engine you go for. a simple remap on the base 150bhp engine takes it to 190.

if your wanting to keep it as it is, engine wise, look towards handling - suspension, brakes and tyres

new intake and exhaust will see you arounf 5-8 bhp on a 1.3, for a cost of around £400.
my tyres have only got 3mm left on them, so they due a change soon so prob will change them soon. the car only has 27000miles on it so i not going to be changeing it any time soon, dont have the money atm.

any advice on the tyres? was thinking of getting some V groves ones, will change all 4 at once prob.
Try the Dunlop Maxx Sport tyres, they have a nice tread pattern and seem to be quite hard wearing and they are pretty cheap! I've got them as rears at the moment and will be doing the fronts very soon;)
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