Skoda Favorit Forman!



Hey, I've got a Skoda Favorit Forman Pick-up truck, its a 1.3 and came as to me as a right old rust bucket. Lots of welding had to be done on it but I liked the car and it was worth it. I had it resprayed and tinted the rear window, I also whacked on some dezent 15" alloy wheels.

I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere I can get parts to tune and increase the performance of it or even a new engine that would slot in there. I was also wondering if anyone knew anywhere where I could get mods for the body. I've got a debadged grill but I done that myself lol.

Thanks, Jim

If anyone is interested heres a couple of pictures. One from outside, and another at the 6x9's and amp


Thats a good use of space! We don't see many pick up owners on here - so welcome and its nice to have you along.
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