sir del power ?


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sir del sol (SEXY)
hi there im new too the forum im nutts a bout car and hondas for a long time i now own a sir del sol wich i have a good idea but to be sure im asking the power of an sir jap imports (jdm)
please help or send a link that mite :p thankyou happy motoring
Whats the engine code in your VIN no it will EG2 or something like that after the initial JHM.

I think power is around 160hp on these but with an engine code and year it should be easier to pin down for you.
right well basicly a mate who owns a vauxhall cavalier 2.0 redtop thats modded ! he think it would be fast lol rediculous but iv been tryin to find exact power , because theres and esi bas 125bhp non vtec , then u get the vti 160bhp vtec and then u get the jap import wich im sure is 170 bhp (SIR /JDM)
correct not bad motors still honda just not such a grin factor of the vtec :p

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