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Please excuse what to some of you will sound very dumb questions!

But please, humour me .....

What are the biggest width wheels front and rear that will fit in the OE arches? I know the diameter should be as close as possible to OE to keep the ratios correct on the FWD. By my reckoning it should be 18's with a reasonable depth of tyre. But it's the width that i'm unsure about in particular, how much can be reasonably squeezed in without chopping out arches etc.

Also, are the rear bumpers on 92-96 and 97-2001 interchangable. Is the 97-01 model just a face lift of the previous generation? Reason being i'd like to replace my rear bumper but want to resite the number plate to the bumper and smooth the tailgate.

All help greatly appreciated.:blink1:
205 sounds like 6 or 6.5" wide then.
what clearance do you have on the outside and inside of the arch, wing and suspension. realistically need the ET then hopefully someone can work out the differences
at a guess would say 7.5 would be widest

Will find out in daylight and get back on here.

Need to know what people reckon is the best brake set up too? Can you use later Prelude calipers or bigger disc from other models like you can with Mondeos?
i know this might inundate me with loads of questions but im a tyre fitter by trade and my lude currently has 17's on her with 215,40,17 tyres and ive got to say ive had no probs but have heard of probs with the fws, where the rears can rub. mine doesnt have 4ws :( but hence no probs
your prelude has the same brakes and pads as the rover shape accord 95-98
the pad is same shape as the 2.2 prelude pads, their just a little bigger on the 2.2

only the front calipers can be changed, the rears are totally differant ( learned this when my back caliper seized)

who cares about the back brakes anyway??

as for having no problems with 17s mate, dont speak to soon
the car is old and has a lot of wear on its bushes,steering rack,etc etc

17s kill any car, nor amind an old 1 and when you need to buy parts, you;ll be hit hard
id use (and i do) 15s if i were you mate, you wont be buying parts for it then
Cheers for the replies guys,

So 17's are really the limit!!:amazed: That surprises me tbh, mines already sporting 16's. I've been reliably informed by another Honda-nut that they are type R rims. They look quite good so I may just tidy them up a bit.

The Caliper advice is also very good, mine is definately in need of some work on the brakes, not a lot of braking going on for sure and not a lot of effort in the pedal either, seems to be pulling one side then other. The ABS makes it difficult to tell for sure.
Going higher than 17's Won't kill the car. If it's old then you may want to think about replacing the bushes anyway. Going higher than 17's will give you a stiffer ride and you'll feel the bumps in the road more but that is it.
Cheers for the advice.

In between heavy downpours and changing oil, plugs and a rear light I had a good look underneath whilst the front was jacked up. Bushes all look very good surprisingly but I did notice that there is about a finger thickness space between the inner sidewall of the tyre and part of the suspension/wishbones. I don't think i'd get away with any wider than 215's, maybe 225's but it'd be pushing it.:blink::eek:

By my reckoning 215x40x17's or 215x35x18's are the limit to keep the gearing as right as possible.
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