Should I change my Nom De Plume ?


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2011 Honda FN2
It seems that my car in the pic is sold and my tag of TCJBOLDIE which stood for Twin Cam JB (the model) and OLDIE because I am getting on quite a bit and in the running to be the oldest rev head on this site.

My next means of transport will definitely not be a mobility scooter that some uncharitable people may suggest but almost certainly be a 09-11 model Honda Civic FN2 Type R that came with a Torsen LSD.

I would have preferred to get a DC5 Integra Type R but finding a low mileage example is impossible as the finished production in 2002 IIRC

I know that I will miss the 400 FW HP motor pushing me back in the seat as well as the character building challenges that have popped up from time to time over the last 26 years and look forward to the challenges of coming to grips with having only 200 FW HP as well as well as having to adapt to FWD/WWD handling differences but I am sure that I will love having air con along with the electric gizmos like ABS,EBD,SC
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No keep your current NDP because I get confused very easily and will probably end up welcoming you to the site all over again!

But if you want a change and can't work out how to do it yourself I can help out.

You're getting soft with your need for aircon, ABS etc... You'll be listening to classical radio next - it's a slippery slope.

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