Short ram itake or cold air intake????????????


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Opel Astra G
Hi I have a slightly tuned Opel Astra g and I was thinking of replacing the air intake and I couldn't decide which one is better (sri or the cai).
Which will most help with my overall performance better??
Any tips plsss??
I don't think that you will see any noticeable increase in power/performance over the factory intake.
not only for power
so the engine could have more oxygen in it so it could overall be better
so the engine could have more oxygen in it so it could overall be better

For the car you have buddy I would stick to the factory intake system. If you MUST have one then choose a CAI. Now remember, the fitting of some of these kits may activate the engine check light (ECL) on your car telling you that something is wrong. This is because the ECU is preset to look for a certain amount of air coming into the car, if this is exceeded then some ECU's will deem this as a fault and bring on the fault light and in some more extreme cases put the car into limp mode. If this happens you have two choices; 1) Remove the CAI. 2) Have the car ECU custom remapped to accept the new parameters of air volume coming into the engine through the CAI.
If there's any power gain at all it will be at the top of the rev range.Low down gown is likely to be compromised by a short ram intake. There's not huge amounts to be gained from these engines to be honest.

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