serious problem!


skoda fabia vrs
went to the gym last night pulled up fine went in come out went to start my car engine managment light appeared also heard a crackling noise underneath car whgich is normal then nothing not even trying to crank over/??? heeellllpppp fabia vrs mk1
Nope I sorted it:) found out wasn't engine managment managed to bump start it to one answer starter motor. Which the cable from the relay to the starter motor sheared off. sorted thanksgiving pgarner. But I did reset my ecu car seems maybe slower ive had it remapped have I lost my remap?
Do a few miles of spirited driving to allow the ECU to re-learn. If performance doesn't noticably pick up then you might need to get ecu checked to see what map your running.
Cheers I thought the map would always stay I might reset ecu again and reteach it properly! Thanks
Okay mate cheers feels alot smoother now though! i know i chatted to you before about doing my vrs up had it remapped new suspension fitted looking at uprating breaks n clutch but thinking about bthis hybrid turbo business thats started to cut into the market? Ur opinion?
depends on cash. i know hybrid turbos are a cheaper option. you can allways go big OEM turbo. although it means a bit of fabrication ive seen some threads where they have fitted the turbo off the 3.0 audi q7 - aLso off the BMW 330d
Right okay yeah will be mid this year if.i do go ahead with anything . But its always.on my.mind!
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