sequential manual gearboxes?


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I was wondering what your take on sequential manual gearboxes is, personally I can't help but want a clutch to play with, for many reasons really. Yet from what I've heard they're very good these days, especially Hondas ishift, as I say though, do we really want to loose clutch control?
I'd happily get rid of the clutch and drive full auto or sequential manual instead.

Anyone who thinks that the clutch is essential to control a car isn't using the gears properly. A few drives in a powerful automatic car also teaches much more finesse with the accelerator pedal.
I personally like having a clutch and get unbelievable bored driving an automatic. Just personal preference for me. I'd keep the clutch. Unless of course the sequential box came with a ferrari.
I prefer to have a clutch, it give a lot more control.... well it does on my bike.

I think my gearbox is a constant mesh sequential dog box, and when changing gear I NEED a clutch (ok sometime I go down a few gears without when slowing to a stop, but only when its cold and using the clutch hurts my hand) otherwise it will lunch the syncromesh and I will start getting false neutrals everywere (happernd before I overhauled the gearbox)
Clutch all the way if you really like driving. Taking something as important as that out of the drivers input is just making it less fun and challenging when driving fast.

Also ouch on the gearbox stripping. Ive gone through my fair share of bikes but could never get myself to change gear without using the clutch.
useing a clutch as you change gear is part of the fun of driving, and when you are moveing off, you know how smooth or not you are going to go etc.. If the cars changeing gear for you, you're not really fully driving, in the same way as those gadgets that measure the distance between you and the car in front and controls your brakes if it feels the need, or the ones that detect if you're going over a white line.

I bought a car because I want to drive it, I don't want it to drive me
No. Totally disagree. If you feel you need the clutch to control your driving of the car (bikes are different) then you're not controlling the car properly.

I hate the old fashioned 3 speed slushy autoboxes. Not for me at all.

Things have moved on, however.

I'm a total advocate of automatic transmission. I could not bear the idea of some flaky little 1.4 Corsa with an auto at all. But I'd dislike it the same with a manual box.

Auto for me, I'm afraid, if I have a choice.
I disagree there HDI cause a clutch gives you plenty of control if like me stopping on an incline I tend to hold the car on the clutch rather than the handbrake if it's not for long periods of course.
The torque converter can do exactly the same in an auto without the risk of burning out clutches. I don't want to give the impression that I struggle with manuals and clutches. I don't.

I just accept the fact that mankind is lazy by nature. All I'm doing really is owning up to the fact that I'm lazy :)
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