Semi Pro SONY DVD403E Camcorder For Sale!!!

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Hi guys.

I've not long just bought myself a HD camcorder so i'm selling my other one as it's not getting used. It's a Sony DVD camcorder and what a piece of kit it is. Theres too much to list about this camera so instead heres a link for the Sony site of the exact model Camera I have.

Even on Amazon these things go for £500 second hand. So as we're leading up to christmas i'm asking for £200 ono unmarked and all instructions and box present.

This will include the camera, boxed with all instructions a original manufaturers warrenty, carry case and spare un-opened DVD's and the original purchase receicpt is still in there (I payed £895 new).

It's very easy to use and once finsihed recording you can finalize the disk in the camera and put it straight into any draw-load dvd player/computer
Even though this is semi-pro (according to jessops lol) it's very easy to use. I had no problem with it right from the day I bought it.

The anti shake on the camera is superb. I managed to floow Rossi loads round Donnington at the MOTO GP this year and I had no stand and recorded perfectly. The widescreen recording is fantastic and so is the 5.1 surround sound it records in.

This piece of kit is amazing for those wanting to get a semi pro piece of kit and the price is an absolute bargain. Also, I can send the camera to anywhere in the world but the postage cost must be covered by the buyer if the costs exceed £25 ;)

Cheers, BAD63R
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