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The front seats I have in the Near Lee at the moment are from a Hyundai and have no tilt thingy to let passengers into the rear. If you slide the seat as far forwards as it can go and adjust the back as far forwards as it goes, you can get people in the back with ease but its a lot of messing around. And then you have to put the seat back so someone can sit in the front. After being like this for the past 18 months - 2 years I am getting a little bored now. So I have decided to re-trim the front seats from the Porsche 924 I have robbed the engine from for the minor, and re trim them to match the rest of the interior in the "Lee". I made a start tonight and here are a few piccies of what I have done so far.

Here is the seat before I started.


I had to unpick roughly 30 large staple type clips holding the upholstery to the seat frame and foam. (sorry forgot to take a photo of that bit, I got to engrossed :roll: )

Then I had to unpick the stitching between the stripy fabric and the faux leather.

And when I got to a bit that had 3 seams joining I had to really concentrate. :lol:

And here is the base of the seat all picked apart. The roll of black faux leather beside is what I will use to replace the fabric center.

I will take it to a guy I know who does upholstery for a living to check what I am doing before I do anymore (don't want to mess it up), I will follow up then.
What a good little project! Can't wait to see the finished article.. Are you replacing any of the foam inside?

You big girl..
Nice work I will look great when it's done - It's pretty hard to get a straight seam so good luck with the stich up.
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