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I have a saxo VTR phase 2 and was wondering how 2 get the best acceration out of it wat mods do i ned 2 put on it? :bigsmile:
If you want to improve on your 0 to 60 times the cheapest option would be to lighten your car. Get rid of things like sub boxes because they weigh a ton, passengers ;) floor mats, parcel shelf, etc etc

Also the spare wheel could go and just carry a can of tyre weld instead.

there are loads of ways to lighten the car loads of silly small things that seem irrelavant can reduce weight massively and not only will it improve on your acceleration it will also improve handling and braking.

If you want to improve your times by increasing power then it's going to cost.
A lot of mods work if done right but can also reduce power if not done correctly. For example fitting a free flowing exhaust, decat etc will do exactly that ease flow through the exhaust but your engine will lose back pressure and more than likely power. You will have to combine mods too get improvements and that includes remap.

My advise is lose the weight, you can't get that wrong :)

All the best Phil
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good call nice set of light alloys does make a diffrence to im at the stage of renewing vernier pulls belt ect bn remapped too what a diffrence at not a to bad a price
How u doing bud how did u get on with that saxo an wit have u done to it cheers john
welcome along guys

as has been said strip as much weight as possible, also lightweight alloys are a great idea to reduce unsprung weight.

if your then after more power then i would look into dropping the 16v vts engine in there as its a much better platform to start from, you would have to spend easily 1-2k on the 8v vtr engine just to get it to vts power.
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