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The best mod you can do to your Saab to start with which is the best value for money by far. providing your car as a manual gear box? is to fit a light weight flywheel. The intercooler that goes between the rad & air con is still avey good place to put it. as in summer time your fan will pull cold air through the Intercooler. giving you a cooler charge in the summer time. i've got the Saab-Tunners item fitted to my saab and its cheaper than all the others out there.
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On this and many other issues they are not interested.

There are places to go to get your ecu remapped.
Have a look at what the guys say on the Ecuproject

I have done my own but I am using T5 suite, no good for your car which uses T7 suite.

But if you go reading aboout this on the Ecuproject or Trionictuning you will learn heaps.

You can download the T7 suite programme from
Dilemma and the guys are simply magic at what they do, but they will not spoon feed you, you have to dig and read to figure stuff out.

That is what I did, and figured out how to do my cars, now I have done a few for others too.


And of course you can also go to the professional tuners.
They will charge you a bit for the service, I am not sure how much they know or can do compared with those of us who do our own.

JZW appears to be a good guy and I think he is experienced in T7 suite.
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Good day all. Have anyone have a picture of the underbody cover for the Saab 95 2.3t. I want to make one from s/s sheet. GM don`t have in stock. Does the Saab need one.
Thanks in advance

All of those under body air deflectors and splash panels serve a vital purpose, protecting the components they are shielding from stones, salt, water, etc. Without it you are looking at many $$$'s for repairs to air con, intercooler, radiator etc.

This is a picture of one for a 9-5 Hot Aero:


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