Saab 9-3 Front Brakes & Pads


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Hi all,

I'm considering replacing the front brakes (discs & pads) on my 9-3 as I've found out that they're getting quite lipped. There are a couple of Apec pads on there at a decent price - any other forummers have any good/bad experiences of them?



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Take this as an opportunity to upgrade the disk and pad size.

You'll need new calipers as well but it makes a lot of difference to braking. IIRC the 2.0HOT brakes are bigger and better, but im not sure if they would fit under your rims, what size do you have?

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What year is your 9-3? were you happy with your stopping power before?
What's your budget and wheel size? Starting from budget price upwards, look at the EBC range for a direct replacement in size for your fronts, do you know the size of the front discs? You can have the OEM disc or the Motorsport grooved disc with either the Motorsport pads or Mintex pads.

EBC do a direct grooved and or slotted disc with different types of pads and this uses the original calipers.

Next would be Hirsch, smooth vented discs with road pads which are very good and again they use the original calipers.

Next comes performance with an upgrade on the calipers from single piston to 4 pot with grooved discs from MapTun.

Or if money is no object, you can buy the 6 pot caliper grooved and slotted 360mm floating assembly that stops on a sixpence.

EBC range available from Elite direct in Rainham in Essex ask to speak to Lee Sokoya.
Hirsch, Motorsport are available from Abbott Racing in Wix Essex ask to speak to Giles.
MapTun are available from Neo Brothers in Waltham Cross Herts ask to speak to Andy.

I have had brakes from all of these people as I progressed and currently have the monster 6 pot calipers with a 360mm floating disc arrangement which will only fit a 19" wheel.

If you speak to any of these people, let them know Dr Reid recommended you to them and they will look after you.
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