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I am a very new member (since yesterday in fact) living in Sydney, Australia. I tinker with a number of unfinished 306 sedan and cabrio (mainly N5/Series Two) and now an N3, which is a 'crippled' 1995 S16. I have several engines at hand, one of which I wish to slot in the S16. Typically, my main concern is to have a ECU compatible with the 206 Gti engine (206 Gti 'EW' type - 2-litre alloy block, twin cam 102kw.) Not as lively as the original, but not that far off. The one I have and prefer to use is a long block, on which I was proposing to bolt the fuel injection from the original engine, plus whatever else I need that fits. Are there members who could pass on any advice of previous experience of this procedure; in particular, what ECU to start with, and specific alterations (by colour and by number) to make it happen. I will be most grateful for any assistance/encouragement. PS the original S16 has covered approximately 150,000 miles (we say 220k kilometres) and the problem is a head issue - have not investigated whether 'only' gasket, or crack etc.) Car is otherwise in nice shape.


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The problem you'll have is the 206 GTI EW engine used the later multiplex wiring and the 306 uses old style. Theres only one 306 that I know of that uses the 206 GTI EW engine but hes uses and aftermarket engine management system because he's using throttle bodies.
You'd need to transfer all the sensors as well off the XU10 onto the EW as well as all the ancilleries.

Why not use something like and MI16 or an XU7 if you want an alloy block engine?
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