RX7 Tuning advice needed.

induction kit, exhaust, chip and boost controller.

NOTE!!! if it is jap spec, as in an import, then DO NOT get a boost controller as it WILL suck up your turbine blades and not air :p
its a control able ecu that will cope with the car being modded any more than three serious mods and the normal ecu cant handle the new peramiters. so if you have exhaust .1. air filters .2. different intercooler .3. then thats it any more modding and you need a clever ecu and remap
What would you rate as the best mods for the RX7 then ASC? Have you found out anything about why yours is SOOOO quick?
well to mod a rex is not a cheap thing so the best way is breathing and cooling air filters hks dome style work effective. then a new exhaust if you like flames do away with the cat but dont expect it to be quiet .
then a different intercooler bigger than a standard but not to big other wise youll slow it down to much space in the cooler ie to big and the turbos wont create the correct presure for good boost . then silicone hoses. thats the start .....
with all these youll make it faster but you put alot more strain on the engine so an ecu apexi and remap is needed to be safe then regular services is a must
Is it true they need rebuilding every 30,000 miles or so? (I suppose it depends on how you treat it.)
well old wives tail seals do go every now and then but theres only three moving parts to a rotary no valves no cam belts con rods so they enjoy being ragged if you drive them slowly they mess up good to give them a rip
just a quick bit of advice.on the rx7 fd3s twin turbo your mods are limited. you should upgrade your engine management right away although you can push to air filters , Cat back exhaust and intercooler. After these 3 mods have been installed you MUST install an Aftermarket engine management system Eg: Apexi PFC , Haltec , F-con Gold Pro, Which can allow you to upgrade to Single turbo, De-Cat , Bigger Fuel system etc etc many more mods but remember! DO NOT REMOVE THE CATALYSTIC CONVERTER ON AN RX7 RUNNING WITH STANDARD ENGINE MANAGEMENT.
If you do you will result in over boosting due to faster air flow from the exhaust and hit fuel cut on the factory ECU and detonation you engine quickly resulting in a costly engine rebuild. If anyone needs Rx7 advice just ask. Thanks
:) Well the 1984 model rx7 is the FB if i remember correctly.. Although i have to say i am unfamiliar with these motors but i have contact that could answer questions if you have issues with your motor. I am going to start doing the FD3s 13b engine rebuilds but finding the rebuild kits that are half decent are usually in America from a company called Atkins rotary. There is also a company called rotary aviation that does the master kit for $1000 but it is not a highly recommended kit.
Keep an eye out on the main Mazda thread and i will post up a couple of pictures of my FD3s. :)
cheers nuki :)
its not set in stone that im getting it yet but i have first refusal on it. yeah they were the FB's, apparently only 38/40 were imported into the uk so if the rumours are true about this one then hopefully fingers crossed it will be quite a good/rare car to have for a few years. :)
Hi Nuki,
I have what I believe to be a standard 12A motor with side draft Webber carb. I would like to upgrade from standard Point/Condenser ignition to electronic. What are the options and where can I source the kit ?

Joe Car
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