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83' El Camino SS
Well I've got some serious rust spots in the bed of my vehicle and I've got surface rust on the underbody. I was told to take a wire brush to the bed and use a special spray paint to everything. Is this the correct way to fixing this or is there a better way to fix rust?
you are going to have to treat the rust before apply 'special spray' unless, as Prince says, you are going to weld in new metal. How serious is the rust - has it gone right through?
there is a product out their called kurust which solves rust to metal a few pound if not lemon juice is cheaper alternative prevention is much better than cure
I can tell you from experience now that it's worth it. Get the rust cut out and enjoy a few years of motoring without having to do it again. If you don't tackle it early enough it'll become rot. Then your car will be worth scrap.
If you are patient and it isn't structural you could cut it out, treat it with Vatcan trust treatment (Highly recommended) Prime and paint what's left and build the damage up with wire mesh and fibreglass filler moving on to fine filler, prime it and paint it and you'll be chuffed to bits. I spent over a year cutting rust and filling my VW and it never came back, Read the classic car forums etc to see what people recommend. My whole van is now painted with rustoleum (you tube it or check the club 80-90 forum for info) Good stuff

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