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Any one know who does chips/remaps for the RS range? I gues most audi golf tuners can do it but they dont seem to advertise Skoda RS on their sites.
the ovtavia rs are a massive hit with awsome tuners getting there 1.8t to 600bhp, the fabia is different, maximum iv seen in about 260 bhp the best bet for them are jabbasport
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Thanks for the Tip JSW888 much appreciated. Not seen the awesome 600bhp yet - something I will certainly look out for;)
Cheers matt. Where are JBS based then? JBS are in Chesterfield. I've had my modded octi tdi serviced and had a full suspension/sport clutch and geometry check carried out there and 20k on still no problems. Awesome are in Manchester and I've had my fair share of performance parts from there and had a service carried out there.

I've also used Jabba for VAG remaps, one on my current octi tdi and one on my old octi vrs and can't grumble with their work either.

In my opinion neither one is better than the other, they are all just as reputable as each other, it just comes down to your own preferance or location.
vRS is just little bit more tough fabia 1.9TDi.

as this webpage suggests

I want to try "diesel tuning kit" since I don't want custom remap. I need "traveling" car, not fuel consuming beast. I would go back to Subaru Impreza if I want it so ;)
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