ROYAL PURPLE high performance oil


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Hi all,

I was advised to use Royal purple oil in my VW passat 1.9 130.
I have done 45,000 miles. I was told it is high performance and used widely in america.

its not an addetive you change the oil and gearbox oil. its about £55 for 5 leters. any one konw about this and if its good. I think my car has shell or Helix ultra stuff init. anyone know of anything better for engine performance and life?

thanks in advance
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sorry didnt mean to hit the edit button mouse slipped. :embarrest:

i, amongest other on here, rate amsoil oil. had it in the car for 6500 miles and it was still looking golden when i changed it

HDI_fun is pretty good with the oils he might be able to help you out

anyway welcome to the site
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