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hi there

ive just bought myself a rover 200si to do up as a little project and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to get some parts , i want to try and do it up like a mg , like change the grille on front, put some skirts on etc, does anyone know somewhere to get these parts to at least make a start , if you do can you drop me a line

many thanks shaun
I've used Moto Build in the past and found them to be very helpful. It sounds like a good project. There is only 1 kit that I have seen on the 200 (predator) I think. Why not go for a smoothed euro look on it? That would work well on the bubble 200.
Also keep an eye out for anyone breaking a BRM, the interior is superb, if you like red leather ;)

Ebay tends to offer some interesting parts as well.
Where are you based? there's a Rover breakers I use that has a good stock They've currently got a full set (front & rear) of MG ZR seats going for about £120 they'll have most of the other parts you need too.
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