Rover 400 horn


Any idea's' horn not working.
The horns work when fed from a battery.
There is no voltage at the horn when button pressed
Ps ignition on. Is there a relay if yes where.
Hope you can help.
Thanks for your very quick reply but I forgot to say that I did check the fuse and that is O.K and there is 12 volts at the fuse.
Cheers Joeboy
If you press the horn, there should be a clicking noise which is the sound of your relay. Follow this noise and you should find the relay behind the dash somewhere.. If it's making a clicking noise then it's probably one of the connections between the horn and the relay. If it doesn't make a noise then it's probably the relay itself. This is likely to be the cause of the problem if the horn and fuse are both okay..

If all else fails you might require one of these bumper stickers:
Hello Freddie.
I tried the listening bit. No noise at all. I am 67 years old so
I got my 20 year old daughter to listen ( ears like a bat ). I thank you so much
for your efforts. It looks like a new button on the dash and a rewire.
ps. your bumper sticker cheered me up no end, thanks.
I valued your efforts to try to help me, I resolved the problem thus.
On th back of the fuse box under the drivers footwell there is a control unit,
This is called the integrated control unit. This unit controls the horn, wipers, dip beam, and heated rear window among others. One of the two connectors on the back of this unit was almost unplugged.

This may be of help to others.
Thanks again Joeboy

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