rover 400 1.4 16 valve

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ok.. i know its not a monster but i really want some extra power out this bitch! its stantard at the moment, trying to find a decent exhaust/catback for it and i want to chip but i cant seem to sort through all the mes. HELP!!?? btw, my bro had a 1.3 mitsu colt with a 0-60 of about 7 seconds.. is that possible for me? dont know wat was done to the car, but it looked 100% standard. can someone point me in the right direction please! :?
Your brothers Colt is a lot lighter than your 414 and this will have a big impact on performance (When the tank is down to 1/4 full, take out your spare wheel, toolkit and all the junk from the boot and see how much better the car is - it will surprise you!). You have the faster 16V Honda derived engine which puts down about 115bhp which is pretty good for a 1.4 in standard form. A chip will not add much power to the engine. Rover ECU's are MEMS and can only be programmed by a Rover dealer and since they went into receivership things went barmy and at one point noone could offer ECU's. A company called ICON race do a piggy back device which will provide a basic remap profile around the standard engine tune parameters with ignition timing a little more advanced.

Another thing to ask yourself is does the engine give the power it is meant to - is it serviced and does it need a decoke? A few years of gunk can really affect performance.

There are some interesting options though. An engine swap with a 1.8 is the most significant thing you can do as both engines are very similar in terms of physical size and 1.8VVC engines are quite easy to come by at the moment. I beleive that the 1.8VVC head will also fit on the 1.4 block and this will increase the power more - especially if done with the correct ECU. Cams are also a good bet on the standard engine - it redlines quite high so you will get much more top end power.

The 2.0T engines are very torquey and powerful but are also quite unreliable especially in the head gasket department which is a shame. :cry:

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