rover 220 smoke help me it drivin me mad


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rover 220i coupe
i recently changed head gasket running good until i changed oil wasnt the best make oil semi synth 10 40w afta half hour of ticking over thick white smoke bailed out filling my street lol could it be the wrong oil or cheap oil causing problem appreciate help u kno wot rovers am like
more importantly was this the problem you had before you changed your gasket if so did you have your head skimmed ????
ad head skimmed put 5 litre of oil in it was cheap make do i need fully synth cheers
problem b4 was that head was cracked but didnt smoke then. previous owner forgot 2 put antifreeze in got car cheap brought new head that was already skimmed klinger gasket set fitted running perfect afta change until next day put engine flush in drained oil filled back up left ticking over then white smoke
white smoke would indicate coolent in the cumbustion chamber.
have you checked your coolant levels ?
the engine flush might have removed the crud that was blocking up the small holes. might be the head is away ( note that you fitted a second hand one and not a new one)
coolant levels havent dropped, had to buy second hand head couldn't get anew one, hard enough getting second hand , what do u mean by head being away?
hi it a none turbo do u mean the metal head gasket i have onli changed it friday it was running good until i changed oil saturday no smoke at all
older rovers used a ead gasket more like fabric than metal which was prone to failure. later ones and land rovers used a proper metal one that lasts longer.
did you tighten the head bolts in the correct order and to the correct torque ?
i think so ad a torque manual tighend dwn in right order i think 1 and 2 in the middle then so on gave them 45 torque is that right my old man recently done his on a rover cab 214 but he ad a diffrent torque ratio with longer bolts aswell
have you re-torqued the head down?, did you use new head bolts (which is a must)
I take it the oil level is right on the dip stick.
normally starts in the middle and works diagonally outwards

without checking i think the orders

10 , 3 , 1 , 5, 7
8 ,6 , 2, 4, 9

but would need to double check that,
did you use new bolts as the old ones may have stretched
no didnt re torque are u meant to done 25 first then tuk it up 2 45 used new bolts aswell the head gasket neva over heated or blown ad 2 change head and gasket due 2 no anti freeze which cracked head and split metal gasket
I would re-torque the head after about a hundred miles, especially on a rover. cheap oil isn't going to give you loads of smoke unless you'v overfilled the sump, which would be very bad
dont fink i overfilled sump wot damage would it do if i did would that cause the smoke thanx 4 help
Crankcase may pressurise and spew oilout into clutch.
Catalyst , if fitted will be wrecked. Sure there are more pitfalls

overfilling is harmful to the engine regarding pressure. I have read on oil forums that cheap oil in the crankcase when overfilled can cause oil failure to vital engine parts. Quality oil in the engine reduces heat and lubricates the engine,however, when overfilled, as the crank spins it causes the cheap oil to breakdown causing foaming(like moving your hand in a bubble bath) this has air in the foam which is sucked up by the oil pipe and in turn, air is lubricating the engine.
fink that might be it wen i first changed the oil air came bk thru the oil cap wen running and smoke came out the dip stick hole my oil also looks very thin wen running i also av alot of black watery stuff in tail pipe not much but it there could that be the problem if so wot next do i have 2 do .thanx
im about 2 change oil 2moro with a better quality one lol do u think that could be it wot if it got dwn 2 the cat will it still smoke thru even tho i changed oil
I think the oil is already too thin. Stick to what the book recommends which is I think 20/40 or 20/50 Mineral not synthetic/semin. Thinner oil will just seep into the cylinders. If the mileage is high then go a bit thicker still. Don't buy cheap 20/40 though as this will really not help you. Also flush the current oil out as thoroughly as you can.

It might also be worth adding some Morays stablisier to the oil as this can cut down blow by.
just wana say thanx 2 evryone who replyed smoke seems 2 b clearing now happy chappy now cheers
ad head skimmed put 5 litre of oil in it was cheap make do i need fully synth cheers
you have put 5litres into a 220, when they only have 4.5 litres capacity. that is why it is smoking. hope this comment is not to late to save you money having any thing else done by the "expert's"
i had the 220 sd (diesel).one of the best little cars i have ever wife and sister and i, went for a drive through france, down to italy in as far as napoli (naples).made some good friends on the way. still e.m. them.
we did 3374 miles in three weeks. averaged out miles per gallon=50.23.
fastest we went was when we were coming back and had a mobile call, wife answered, not me, they wondered what time we would get there because the woman we planned to stop with, her father had been taken to hospital. we were heading for asti. we speeded up to 80-85mph, and that part of the journey worked out at 44.76 mpg.
all in all a great, and reliable car.
with regards to oil. i know people say that so long as it matches the spec for the car, it does not matter. i have always used the "top" brands, and have never had and failures. (should not say that should i)
change oil at 6-8000 miles and filter.:lol::D:)
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