rover 214si 16v help



hi would really love some knowledge of web site or anything which can give me info on how to get more grunt from my rover 214si 16v twin cam it goes well but missing the acceleration many thanks[/i][/b] :rolleyes:
The 214 engine is a good solid performer. I'm pretty sure you can bolt on the VVC head from the 1.8 for more power but you'll need a new MEMS computer and new locks :shock: as the immobiliser is built into the MEMS unit. For more subtle mods try a cam change, sports exhaust and Panel air filter - these engines love to rev so really apprecaite a good cam profile. Moto-Build racing are your friends - they sorted out parts for my 220 GTi when I rebuilt it and have a wide range of parts for the 1.6 and 1.4 blocks.
i put a vvc inlet manifold on mine with a 52mm throttle body aprently it helps give a bit more bhp. but i just think it looks alot better than the standered crap.
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