Rover 214 smoking HELP!!

Kc Boy

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Hi Guys my rover when i came of the motorway yesterday started smoking when i stopped at the traffic lights, ive been hearing a sqeeking on the front right wheel for a few days now, the smoke came from under the bonnet near the right wheel, ive changed the pads but the old ones were fine, could it of just been the pads were knackerd or something like that, also when i touched the wheel it was hot and the others werent, Thanks.
Could be the wheel bearing getting fried. Was there some heavy braking involved? Does the wheel spin freely with the car jacked up?
well when it was jacked up the wheel dindnt spin freely but when i changed the pads it did, plus i put the wheel back on and wobbled it to see if there was any movement on the bearing mate.
i take it there was no play in the bearing ?

if the car pulling to that side think it might be a sticky caliper. was it the wheel itself hot or was it the brake disc. But i would have thought that this would have cause heavy pad wear.
I was thinking along the caliper dragging lines as well. Excess pad wear is a common cause - the piston(s) move too far out of the cylinders and go slightly off parallel.
No play in the bearing, the car does pull abit to the side. just hope it wasent anything to do with the engine, it seems fine now ive changed them.
when you changed the pads did you grease the piston before pushing it back in. i normally put some copperslip around the piston then push it back in also put it on the pads to try and stop them sticking
Extremely unlikely to be the engine for two reasons.

1. It's stopped and not re-curred.

2. Given you've changed the pads it's fair to assume that diagnosis was correct. It's not as if it's stopped doing it despite the fact you'd done nothing to fix it.

Law of probability
yeh with abit of luck thats all it was, am thinking bout kitting it up abit, what you guys think would be best mods to put on it and best things to style it thanks.
Bad boy bonnet looks good on the 214's. The predator kit is quite nice - there is a white 220 coupe on which looks pretty neat and I think most of the kit came from Moto-build. The coupe kits fit the 200's with a bumper mount adapter so that widens your options a little.

A large Integra style spoiler would look nice, drop the front 35mm and the rear 30mm.

Are your rear bushes ok - mine were shot after just 2 years. Poly bushes are a good idea on the 200's
cheers mate wat bout engine performance, would an induction make any difference or anything like that thanks
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