Rover 214 SI


Nederland , Flevoland
Rover 214 SI 16v
I want to get my rover 214 faster then it is now.:blink:
i wrote some stuff about putting a 1.8 i vvc MG engine in it to upgrade my bhp to +- 145 pk?
Now i me question does it fits in my car without changing my engine compartment?
If not , what does need to change?
and how about ECU? (Computer)

Its a Rover 200 1.4 SI 1997 .

Greatz :D
Yes it will fit with very little modification, as the K series engine is essentially the same regardless of capacity, that's why the 1.8 VVC swap is so popular in metro's/100's.

I can't remember for sure, but I think you car has the R65 gearbox, this is okay to use with the 1.8VVC but It won't take much abuse so a change to the PG1 at the same time might worth it. IIRC, If you get one from a MGTF it'll come with a LSD too.

You'll need to swap the ecu & get the an adapter for the wiring loom made up, there are people on the internets who can this for you if you have a look around. Talk to Dudley at Talon Sports Cars about what ECU & parts you need, he keeps most parts in stock & might be able to help you with the loom adapter too. He's a good bloke & knows a lot about the Rover engines.

You need to upgrade the radiator too, swapping to one from a diesel version of the same car is a cheap option.

Don't forget you'll need to upgrade the brakes & suspension to make the car safe & more enjoyable.

Good luck & keep us updated. :D
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Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars.:bigsmile:
Hope you enjoy your time with us.

Oh yeah, I forgot cheers TN! :D

Thanks mate.
Well it will take a little while before i'm really going to swap the engine because its more work i hoped it would be.
But thanks for the information and when i'm going to swap it i will keep you up-to-date.

and thanks for your warm welcome :XD:
Your best bet is buy a whole car something like an MGF that's had a front end smash. Rovers and MG's are very cheap over here so picking up spares isn't bad either.

I don't know what prices are like for MGF's in the Netherlands, but it might be easier for you to buy a cheap one here and drive it home.

Btw, there are two types of 1.8 VVC engines. Earlier ones had 143bhp and the later engines found in the MGTF and later ZR's (I think) are 160(ish).
143bhp engines are generally more drivable with a smooth power delivery and the 160's are more peaky, making their power I bit further up the rev range.
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Well i saw some MGF 1.8 VVC with a lot of damage and they still want around 3000 euro's for it.
How much will i lose for a 1.8 vvc MGF in england?
I think it's cheaper for me to buy 1 there .

Thanks mate

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