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Ford S Max
Hi folks,

I'm looking at a 5 year old ford S Max. I'm new to modifying and styling and trying to get a rough idea on costs. Appreciate there's a huge range in spec and cost so difficult question to answer. Considering (i) a new paint job - nothing fancy but nice solid metalic black (ii) re-upholster the front and back seats in leather (iii) refresh of dash and door panelling (iv) front and rear spoiler (v) skirt.

Would be super helpful to understand range of costs for each!
It's impossible to say, costs vary widely and you can make a big saving if you can do some of the work yourself even if it's only prep or stripping out.

I've seen prices as low as £1200 for a respray, going right up to £4000 for a strip down and baremetal respray. You will get what you pay for. Your best option is usually a small one man operation on an industrial estate, they usually offer a high quality of work at a reasonable cost.

Retrimming seats again varies wildly, so have you looked at getting a set of Cosworth or RS seats and modding these to fit in your car? It's usually the rears that are the problem.

A company like D Class offer a full service for styling and I'm a fan of their work, but you'll certainly pay for good work.

Bodykits are best done with the respray, you'll save in the long run getting this done all together. Replacement skirts and spoilers are pretty rare for the S Max so you'll probably need a fibreglass expert to rough out a new shape for you.

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