Road Trip.


A friend came over to me the other day with a challenge, which was instantly accepted. He proposed a race, from Birmingham to Kiev, to Portugal, Home. This obviously depends on the situation in Kiev in a years time when we begin. Basically as part of the 'challenge' in order to begin, we have to buy a car for under £1000 and have it roadworthy etc.

Initially I thought of buying a Diesel car because of the distance, however am looking at a Petrol as well. I am looking for a small car, light weight (will strip unnecessary parts out) and most importantly, will actually get me there and back.

At the moment I am looking at a Mk4 Fiesta, Pug 106 / 306,

What would you suggest car wise?
Greetings and a Warm Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend!

Good to have you along with us :)

That sounds like quite a challenge your undertaking, I wish you luck buddy.
His mom and dad live in Portugal and hasn't seen them for a while and he wanted Russia at first lol but had to put my foot down as it was too far lol :D Think he wants to see Chernobyl like they did in top gear but not go too far in ;)
I watched that episode of Top Gear at Chernobyl, sobering thoughts indeed looking at that devastation and the 30 mile radius safety barrier :sad2:
We have a 10 year old focus that we've owned for the last 8. It's never once broken down. Had to replace some tired suspension parts recently but that's age-related, not a fault.
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