Road rage


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Have you ever suffered from Road rage? What prompted it and do you regret getting so wound up?
Shamefully I do from time to time. Getting carved up doesn't help but tailgating is my pet hate. Nothing worse than being in the outside lane when someone in front in the left hand lane pulls out into your path with no indication and is going a good 20-30mph slower, then having to hit the anchors!
People who just refuse to indicate.
You ever see that scene from shoot em up, when the guy does not indicate and Clive Owen chases him down and does him in?
I get just about that angry!
What makes me angrier is when people give reasons such as they don't indicacte cause they don't want other selfish drivers to block their path...
Of course I'm not gonna hurt someone for doing that... I would just scream really loudly, and violently shake my finger at them, ha ha!
Guilty as charged! Since I have had the last lot of work done on the beast I have been getting steadily worse! :embarrest:

I should and do know better, but I am up against an ever increasing number of knuckle dragging Neanderthals on the roads these days who seem hell bent on finding out just how good my car insurance company is! They are more concerned with fixing their hair, doing their make up, reading a newspaper, having what looks like a 3 course dinner, discussing some recent world event using a mobile phone up against their blasted ears! and all done from behind the wheel of a moving vehicle :mad:

Sorry, maybe this should be in the Rant Section?

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