Ripspeed DV725 DVD/CD Player


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Ripspeed DV725 DVD/CD Player

i was wondering has anybody got this or know somebody with it

was looking at changing the cd player and quite liked the look of this one

may things i want to find out is:
the moniter is touch screen so as it reads dvd mp3 discs this means around 36 albums on 1 disc does it display all the albums on the screen of is the screen mainly for dvd layback

what is he internal amp like

any other infomation on it would be great

im aware the pre out is only 2v but i have a pre amp which can lift this up to 9v so this is not a prob

thanks to all in advance

see it at halfords
I have the non-touch screen one, bought it for £270 with free fitting.

Its pretty good, nice quality and average sound output BUT

Its a little bit flimsy and its not that well-built, you press "open" and sometimes it wont and skippin tracks because you press the toggle across and sometimes it wont, and it lags when it does. A DVD can hold thousands of songs, not easy to say get to song 40 :P lol

Overall its pretty good for the price because the screen is wicked!

I recommend it on some levels.
waynne said:
I might just pop in to Halfords and give it a prodding for you!

yeah i thought of that but my 2 closest halfords dont stock it.

mmm i prefer somethin a bit more rebust wonder if they learnt anything from the non touch screen going to edinburgh in a couple of days might hav a skeck in a larger store see if theyve got 1
got a phonecall from halfords earlier saying that the had 1 in stock. so went to have a look at it i see what you mean about it being fidily the forward back stop button is tiny. i see where that could cause the problems had a play with both the non touch and the touch screen. the screen no to bad

thinking about it but really want to do the exaust first as i oticed that it was starting to rust at the mid backbox join when i 1st looked at it
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