Revo Remapped 1.9 mk5 tdi Advice?!?


finedon, northamptonshire
vw golf mk5 1.9 tdi
Hi, a couple of months ago I had my 2005 mk 5 tdi 1.9 remapped to 185bhp and nearly 300 torque by Revo.
Just wondering what engine parts I will need to upgrade so the engine doesn`t get damaged? Can`t spend thousands! :)
Also, I want to lower the car what springs are best/durable?
And any chance any1 knows where to get some Oettinger Vents & a grille?
Appreciate the help not that clued up on this...
hey and welcome to the site

clutch will not hold the 300 for long if your giving it the beans
turbo may also get damaged if your not sensible with it. booting from cold, switching off after a hard run
dpf - if fitted yours may not - can get blocked

springs - you really need to get dampners as well. look more towards coilovers

oettinger vents, try awesome gti other than that i think its a phone germany job
you can upgrade the clutch - im guessing it will be the 6 spd gearbox so i wont tell you how much even the VW one is as you need to replace the DMF as well.

as for the turbo there are engines out there that will be running alot more boost than the standard revo map and have next to no issues, as i said its about care

id say go for some KW variant 2 not cheap however

AP and weitec are also recommended - both sister companies of KW
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