Repairing the UnRepairable Peugeot and Citroen dashboards


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Don't believe everything the "proffesionals" tell you.
When i got my car the RPM counter were not working in my car, wich i ofc could not live with, i went to the local part store and i was told that i had to talk directly with peugeot.
Whilst the peugeot salesman were really nice he however could not help me with the repair of my dashboard, but he could ofc order a brand new one for the small sum of 770pound. To say atleast i was not ammused.
Since i did not have 770pound with the label new dashbuard on i decided that it was worth looking into dashboard repairs myself, it didn't work anyways so why not see if i could find the problem.
And i could! The dashboard were actual quite simple indside and had parts you could easy take in and out. I found out that the problem were a small servo who moves the needle. Again i took the small servo to Peugeot, and the salesman argued that they did not sell this part but a new dashboard could be ordered for the small sum mentioned before. I went home again and decided to try to repair the small servo myself.
Here is how it went :) :

There were no what so ever problems in fixing this little motor, and since it felt much smoother after the repair than the servo from the speedometer, i decided to actually do the same to it aswell :)


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Good job buddy, had the same problem with the skyline rev. counter jumping all over the place, so I opened it up resoldered the soldering on the pc board behind it loosened and tightened the screws on the whole of the back panel to ensure propper contact with the pc sheet and now it works fine again, diy magic.

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