renault megane cup 1998


hi all thought i'd give this site a go to see if any of you renault guy have any experience of the 1998cc F7R engine.i currently race the megane in the BARC DUNLOP MOTORSPORT NEWS SALOON CAR CHAMPIONSHIP and am looking to get some more power out of it.its currently got 196 bhp @ 7200 rpm but it just aint enough against them pesky peugeots...


2007 class C champion in DMN but any clever tricks for meganes would be appreciated...
Hi and welcome - its great to have you aboard. What are the regs your mods have to fit into? Is your current power NASP or Forced Induciton?

What is the traction like? Which diff are you running with at the moment? What sort of power are you up against?
n/a 2000cc limit 16 v do what ever you like and can afford ,the trans is a jb5 with sadev internals with a plate lsd.ther are lots to choose from in the competition stakes honda integras pug 205/306 MI16 and gti6 all in the regeon of 250-275 bhp hence i,m looking for anything thats going to help.traction is just great as i,m running 17" x 8" compomotive wheels with 235 slicks..
I've been reading good things about cyrogenic engine treatments lately (there is an article on the main site) this could well give you the edge you need.

Balancing the engine and getting it blueprinted will increase your usable rev limit and release some more power at the top end. I would expect a competition car to reach a 8-9000 rpm rev limit.

Now for the obvious stuff which you no doubt have already done. I'm assuming the head has been gas flowed and you are running a big valves conversion. Lighter flywheel, Competition cam (what profile are you running), cold air induction kits.

How much attention have you paid to Aero design on the car? IMHO The front could do with some splitters, and just judging by the photo I would guess that the rear wing could do with going a little higher and you would be better off with a 2 angle rear wing.

Side skirts should also help your cornering speeds improve and further help the aero effect on the car.

If you put the car on a Dyno can you see if it is running lean at the top end? You may need better fuelling if this is the case.
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