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Laguna 2.2Dci 150
Hi all, just after a bit of help really, I v'e got an '04 Renault Laguna 2.2 Dci, strated life with 150bhp but with an Elite ECU re-map and K&N panel filter it's currently running at 192bhp. Exterior wise it's totally standard (apart from a winnie the pooh sunblind, Kids!!) Reason I'm posting is My catalytic converter has just comitted suicide and I'm a bit stuck. A new sportcat from Powerflow is going to cost me around £200, is this worth doing or can I just go with a de-cat pipe? I spoke to a guy the other day who said modern diesels don't like not having a cat and that it can blow the turbo seals, Is this true? As you probably know Laguna's aren't the most reliable at the best of times and I don't want to overstress the engine!
Hi and welcome to TorqueCars good to have you along.

The sport cat would be my top choice. They give very similar gains to a decat and do not mess with the engine sensors and emissions. £200 is pretty good for a cat, a few years ago they were 3 times that.;)
I recommend that if you are looking for good free flow cat, then take contact to

They are designing and producing catalytic converters that fit to original place. Mostly those are called "racing catalytic converters", but work in road use (and you will gain some extra hp with those).
Hi everyone, I am new member here to the forum.

Atticbooy, is it possible you can upload some photos for your car ........

I am driving a 2007 Renault Laguna Dynamic 2.2 dCi (here in Australia), I am planning to improve the handling a bit although it is nice to drive already.

I got a problem in choosing a set of harder coil springs. As I prefer to keep the original ride height, there seems nothing I could choose unless lower the car by at least 30mm. I am not looking for the sportier look for the car, I just want a set of good harder coil springs to improve the car's feeling. I really don't want to lower the car as the roads in Australia are really bad, so many potholes and so rough. For the shocks, it's very likely I would try the Koni Sport, and many people did recommend to me.

Could anyone give me some opinion?

Should I just fir the Koni to the original spring?

Or is it 30mm not really that much? (Eibach, H&R and KW will lower 30mm)

Many thanks

So ... pgarner ..... you mean lower the car 30mm would be alright?

If anyone here actually tried ot fitted lower spring to their car~~~ 30mm, could you share your opinions and experiences with us.

I wanna hear about

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