Removal of Door Panel electric window stop working


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Focus Zetec S
Anyone know how the diver side door panel comes off, I can't take the panel off over the door handle/ taken the three screws out two in the door and the one in the door handle.

The electric windows stop and will not go back up again any help on what is wrong would help? motor does not seam to work.

Thanks for any help anyone can give
just go around the door card looking for other screws you might o f missed one or 2 , and then some door cards are right pigs to get off and need to be lifted up over a bracket to then get them off , just dont loose ya cool and rag it off , im sure you will get there
if you cant find any others go around the bottom of the card with a trim removal tool, or a flat screwdriver with something like a duster over the top to slowly pry the clips out. youll soon find any screws that youve missed.
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