It depends on the car, most cars will trim fuelling etc according to driver style based on the average over the last few hundred miles. It also makes a difference to the effect what fuels you use and who did the map, some run better on super unleaded for example.

Are you having problems? Could the car have been remapped previously? I've seen this happen before.
It's on a 206 hdi Gti it does feel much better, but not as much as a difference I thought it would, it's disel but I am seeing an awful lot of things saying it takes 200-300 miles to fully adjust
Should be noticeable straight away butvut depends where you are looking. For a diesel you will see the biggest difference in the mid range 3rd gear on a sliproad type thing. I had my bora pd remapped.
Thanks for your replys, yes I have noticed a difference straight away it seems to be getting better, ill wait untill I've done a few hundred miles and see what happens
I had the 2.2 HDi 16v unit and the remap turned a lively car into a very very lively one indeed.

Part of it is getting used to driving it too - the different torque curve is fascinating to discover. You can always get the tuners to change the accelerator pedal response curve as well. Makes no difference to overall performance but it's surprising just how satisfying it is to have your car your way. In my case they also managed to enable cruise control to operate in 3rd as well as the higher gears.

Have fun and enjoy. Just be sure to let it idle down for a minute or two after hard driving before you pull the key. This is crucial to protect the turbocharger.
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