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Integra type r dc2
Hi everyone

Can anyone tell me what a remap will do ,what it involves and a rough cost or the remap.Next any advice on simple mods and places where to get spares for my ITR dc2 1.8.

remap adjusts the fueling and, if aplicable timing, map on the ECU.
rough cost will be around £150-300 depending on where you go
although im not sure if it can be mapped it may have to be chipped
Well the fueling seems to be ok when its running.Any idea where to get general spares from.

hond-r have alot of good things said about them

the fuel map is adjusted to get the best from the engine - although on the ITR i doubt youll see that big a gain possibly only 6-8 bhp although the throttle response might be better - as the manufactures back the engine off for poorer fuels, folk who dont service etc
Dont get me wrong i love my type r its just a shame the person b4 didnt.When i get the auto box problem sorted i,ll be looking into modding it.
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