Red white or black leather


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If you were going to get your interior retrimmed in leather would you go for white, black or red or a mixture of all three? What about Brown leather and suede?

Or would you avoid leather at all costs?
Ferraris just seem 'right' in that sandy colour leather they use. Black cars look great with red interiors & black leather interiors is always good in anything. :amuse:
My Jaguar S type 1965 has blue leather upholstery, personally I like brown leather, Suede is a no no as they absorb all sorts of stains
well, my interior isn't the best colour, I'll have to take a photo when I've cleaned it to show you what it is cause it's hard to describe.

I don't like the colours but I've lived with it for the past 3 1/2 years so it mus'nt be that bad, but I do intend to change it, what to? I'm not sure but I'll change the front seats form some more sporting items
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