Rear Wheel Noise - SEAT Leon

Chris Green

Torque Junkie
West London
SEAT Leon 2.0l TDi
Started getting a drumming from the rear when running on smooth surfaces (OK, yeah, how many of those are there?), which the pessimist in me assumed was a premature (26K) bearing failure. However, no wear was detectable when jacked up and the 'note' didn't changed when cornering either direction which I'd have expected with a shagged-out bearing.

Turns out my rear suspension set up was badly in need of re-alignment - the toe-in was out by a mile, and the inner tread of my rear tyres had 'blocked' into having sharp raised edges, which are the obvious cause of the humming noise. They're not directional tyres so I've swapped them over and there's a bit of an improvment. Pity really as this seems quite prevalent having kept an ear to other forums, and can see off a perfectly good set of rear covers 30,000 miles before their time. Think I'll persevere and try to get a bit more out of them - either that or drive on noisy surfaces!

Car is 2.0l Tdi Stylance so nothing 'sporty' about its suspension set up.
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